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50+ Free VR Games: Meta Quest 2 

Meta Quest 2 player

Did you get a new Meta Quest 2 over the holidays or maybe treated yourself to this new gaming trend? Either way, you’ll want to fill that digital library with plenty of awesome games. There are plenty of premium titles to choose from but why not great a feel for Quest 2 with some free VR Games?

Below you’ll find a selection of free VR games and apps available through the Oculus Store as well as AppLab. The latter is the distribution arm for indie titles, however, they don’t appear on the regular store listings making them harder to find. Thus we’ve included a few to make that process even easier.

The selection includes a range of genres, from sports titles and puzzle games to multiplayer combat and social experiences. Even with over 50 video games to pick from, the line-up highlights only a small fraction of whats possible on Quest 2.

Free VR Games!

And that’s your lot. Hopefully, there should be one or two titles in there to help fill that Meta Quest 2 library. Any we missed? Let us know in the comments below.

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