Guardians Frontline Receives ‘Major Content Update’

Prolific VR publisher Fast Travel Games has today announced a ‘major content update’ for Guardians Frontline. Developed by VirtualAge Games, Guardians Frontline is a strategic sci-fi VR shooter. The free ‘Vehicles & Tech Update’ revamps how players manage units and maneuver across the battlefield with more weapons, vehicles, and tech tree upgrades. The update also adds a lava biome, bug lair environments, more tools for the map editor, and unique avatars.

In Guardians Frontline, players must defend the federation from an enemy onslaught as they attempt to extract a mysterious energy source. Taking on the role of both soldier and commander, players must fend off alien forces with a blend of powerful weapons on the ground and powerful ships from the air. With single-player, co-op, and PvP modes, players can go in alone or with a unit.

“Our ‘Guardians’ have been hard at work defending the Federation and creating epic maps of their own for the community to experience following the game’s launch earlier this year,” said Carles Ballabriga, CEO at VirtualAge Games. “Like our players, we’ve been working diligently to further shape and refine the game following invaluable feedback. This is a large update that enhances core gameplay and adds tons of new content that both newcomers and veterans will enjoy.”

Guardians Frontline screenshot

Guardians Frontline Update

The new update includes a whole host of additions. Below are the full details, presented verbatim from Fast Travel Games’ press release: 

  • NEW WEAPONS: Drain enemy HP with the medic gun and use it to cure units or Guardians.
  • FIELD TRANSPORT: Traverse the battlefield easily via the new hoverbike or stand your ground with the new two-seater tank.
  • FIELD SUPPORT: Select explosive arrows, teleport arrows, piercing bullets, repair drones, or smart triggers via tech tree progression.
  • LAVA BIOME: Rough and rocky terrain makes for a challenging experience for the most seasoned of Guardians.
  • MORE AVATARS: Choose between five female Guardian avatars or play as the sleek Red Guardian.
  • MORE MAP EDITOR TOOLS: Add bug lair assets such as eggs and parts, auto-enable headlights for dark maps, and seamlessly select items with the box selection tool.
  • MATCHMAKING IMPROVEMENTS: Add in-game friends to the dedicated Friend list to quickly queue up for the next battle or see a list of all Guardians you’ve played with via the Last Played list.

Guardians Frontline debuted on Steam in March 2023. It is available for all Oculus/Meta or SteamVR compatible VR headsets, including the popular Meta Quest 2. The game has been met with a very positive response. Have you been enjoying the game? Let us know in the comments below!