Morels: Homestead Established for PC VR

Abrams Studios has announced that the PC VR version of Morels: Homestead has launched. Morels: Homestead sees players building their very own homestead, growing and harvesting crops, exploring and digging up treasure, trading and selling your way to glory as your story grows.

In this sandbox VR adventure you’ll start with a blank canvas of empty land. As you go about building your unique homestead, you’ll explore many environments. Find hundreds of unique items to keep for yourself, or trade to grow your homestead into whatever fashion you wish. Grow and harvest crops, hunt for the elusive Morel mushroom, and find rarities to give you valuable commodities for trade.

Along the way you’ll have a number of tools at your disposal. Use your metal detector and shovel to find and recover many different treasures. There’s also the opportunity for some relaxation, as you use your camera to photograph beautiful and sometimes rare animals.

Morels Homestead screenshot

Morels: Homestead – Why VR?

According to Abrams Studios, Morels: Homestead was created from a response to fan feedback. After the release of Morels: The Hunt many in the community voiced their desire to see something similar in VR. The studio took that request a few steps further, turning a relaxing and immersive PC experience into something unique for the VR medium.

Abrams Studios: “We are excited to bring this experience to PC VR and Steam. Morels: Homestead is a unique experience as it focuses on relaxation and immersion while completing tasks rather than high intensity interactions like many current VR games.”

Morels: Homestead is available now via Steam. Abrams Studios has not yet specified which headsets the game supports, but the usual SteamVR suspects are likely to work well. Meta Quest 2 is also supported, via an earlier release on the Meta Store. Meta Quest Pro, too.

The game is priced at £15.49 GBP. A launch discount is currently available, reducing the price by 15% to £13.16. This discount is available until 23rd May, 2023.

Are you keen to get building your own unique homestead? Lets us know in the comments below