Desperate: Vladivostok Physical Edition Coming Exclusively to PlayStation 5

The VR shooter, Desperate: Vladivostok, will receive a physical edition for PSVR2. Developer MiroWin, LLC, has announced a partnership with publisher PM Studio to bring the game to retail stores, in a physical package exclusive to the PlayStation 5.

Desperate: Vladivostok is a bullet hell VR action game. It features furious fights and adrenaline-induced shootouts accompanied by dynamic music. The game dives into the criminal history of a hired killer in the post-Soviet cyberpunk entourage. Players enter the shoes of a contract “torpedo” killer in a dystopian city set during the Perestroika era. The action is dynamic and fast-paced, with increasingly difficult odds to overcome.

While this does sound interesting, Desperate: Vladivostok is not without issue. In our Desperate: Vladivostok review, XR Source states: “Desperate: Vladivostok is the kind of videogame I’d imagine a 12-year-old would want to make. Yes, there’s action but it has very little focus. Heck, even John Wick looks like a more refined piece of entertainment against this.”

Desperate: Vladivostok physical edition

Desperate: Vladivostok Physical Edition

If you can overlook the problems, you’ll be keen to know that the Desperate: Vladivostok physical edition will launch on 25th August, 2023. The game is available to pre-order now via PlayAsia other major retailers. As stated above, the Desperate: Vladivostok physical edition is limited only to the PlayStation 5. Fans of the game on PlayStation 4 won’t be receiving a physical edition. You must instead make do with the existing digital release, available now.

As well as the PlayStation VR and PSVR 2 editions, Desperate: Vladivostok is also available for other VR headsets. These include Oculus Rift and HTC Vive via Steam VR, and the Meta Quest 2.

MiroWin are also responsible for numerous other VR titles. Guns N’ Stories, Boiling Steel and Tinshift have all been released by the studio, among others.