Virtual Hunter Update Brings Revamped Trophy Lodge & Optimisations

Virtual Hunter’s Virtual Hunter has proven quite popular since it’s 2021 debut. The game, still in Early Access, has been well received, and the confusingly identical developer name hasn’t dampened their commitment to continuous updates. The latest of which, available now, brings a brand new Trophy Lodge to all players.

“In this update we replace the old lodge with a brand new one with more rooms to add your trophies in, new beautiful surrounding landscapes and a reworked archery course nearby,” reads the official statement from Virtual Hunter.

The new lodge is over three times bigger. It features 200 trophy areas, better performance, improved lighting, textures and working doors. You can freely place your taxidermied trophies and make it your dream lodge.

Virtual Hunter Trophy Lounge GIF

The update also includes overhaul to the UI graphics, improvements and optimizations. The full patch notes are available below.

Virtual Hunter Lodge Rework Update Patch Notes

An important note for existing players is that your current trophies are safe, but need to be placed again as this update brings a totally new building.

The full patch notes below come verbatim from Virtual Hunter themselves.

Trophy Lodge

  • Replaced the current lodge and it’s surroundings with new one
  • Reworked ambient sounds to this scene
  • Reworked 3D archery range
  • Added interactable doors to the lodge
  • Added new loading image for the trophy lodge

UI Overhaul

  • Overhauled UI graphics for more professional look
  • Improved UI usability
  • Improved text clarity
  • Optimized the UI for better performance


  • Added instructions to the mobile tracker how to open the trophy manager
  • Added “This game is in early access” – notification to the main menu


  • Improved lighting in outposts in Bulgaria map
  • Improved outposts performance
  • Improved fire in the fireplace
  • Improved hunting stands textures
  • Optimized several items including binoculars, rangefinder and callers
  • Optimized trophy statues in the trophy room
  • Optimized archery ranges 3D targets
  • Optimized several materials


  • Fixed an issue where you could grab ammo when in-game menu was open
  • Fixed an issue where European hare would twitch after dying
  • Fixed an issue where you couldn’t use in-game menu when trophy manager was open
  • Fixed an issue where mobile trackers screen was rendered over the trophy manager
  • Fixed an issue where low and medium graphic settings would turn volumetric lights and clouds on, making the game heavy to render

Virtual Hunter is available now via Steam Early Access. The game is compatible with Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Valve Index, Meta Quest 2 and other SteamVR HMDs.

Have you been playing Virtual Hunter? Are you excited for this new Trophy Lodge? Let us know in the comments below!