Experience Underwater AR Games with the M7 Headset

M.A.D tronics Studios has announced a new AR TV series, Augmented Gaming Battles, that will challenge players to compete in AR battles underwater. The announcement coincides with the reveal of the M7, the first underwater AR headset.

The a new AR competition, Augmented Gaming Battles, will feature AR challenges that take place on the land, in the water and underwater. Two gamers will blindly pick live action avatars to represent them on the AR battlefield. This is a game of chance because the gamers have no idea how good or bad the avatars will be.

The live action avatars will face AR challenges on land, in the water and underwater. Thanks to the M7 headset, it is possible to swim through sharks and face mermaids while actually underwater. This is a game of physicality and knowledge, so the two gamers will also challenge each other in video game trivia.

At the end of the season, it’s up to the two gamers to actually replace the live action avatars and experience each AR challenge on the battlefield themselves so one of them can truly claim the championship trophy. The show will premiere on Sparkk TV, 15th May, 2023.

Augmented Gaming Battles screenshot

M7 Headset

The M7 headset is an AR device equipped with Bluetooth headphones. The headset works on land and underwater, with a reported battery life of 5 hours. The mask on the headset is the world’s first non-full face swimming mask that will allow you to breathe freely through your nose.

The M7 headset was designed by Paul Hill, CEO and a TV show creator. He was one of four winners in the DRG/CBC game show creation competition. He was also a finalist in the 2021 Pocket Gamer Mobile Gamers award for Best Innovation Product Competition.

M.A.D tronics Studios will also be making all the AR mobile games from the show free for anyone to download. While there’s currently no confirmation, it appears as though gamers won’t need the M7 headset to experience these gamers at home.

Does the idea of a new underwater AR experience appeal to you? What do you think of the M7 headset? Let us know in the comments below!