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Exciting PSVR 2 Games Coming Soon

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Two months into the PlayStation VR 2’s lifecycle and Sony’s headset has been kicking up a storm on PlayStation 5. New virtual reality titles have been trickling in whilst launch games such as Pavlov are already doing well. There are plenty more on the horizon, so here are the PSVR 2 games coming soon.

PSVR 2 Games Coming Soon

Release dates to be confirmed

There are even more PSVR 2 games in the works but with no release date or window at the moment.

Phew! That’s over 90 video games in development. While you wait for those, which PlayStation VR 2 launch games have you tried? Also, take a look at XR Source’s best PSVR 2 tips and how to extend PSVR 2’s controller battery life.

The above list will be updated as new information comes through.

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