Project Nightmares VR Edition in the Works

Along with the announcement of a console release date for Project Nightmares, a version more interesting to XR Source has been revealed. According to developer NC Studio, a Project Nightmares VR edition is in the works, and has actually been planned for some time.

In Project Nightmares, a group of scientists dedicated to studying paranormal cases have developed a machine that can induce a person, with psychic abilities, into a dream state. This allows them to connect with an evil object. The team is in charge of investigating these objects, discovering the story behind them and putting an end to their curse. Players will engage in the case of Henrietta Kedward.

In this case, a toy with a dark past provides a connection to this evil old woman. Taking advantage of this connection, the player finds themselves in a nightmare set during her life. Of course, surrounded by terror and mystery.

Procedurally Generated Horror

Every time you play, Project Nightmares will be different. The game has been designed so that the experience of playing it is constantly changing. Beyond the engaging storyline, the player will never know what is going to happen thanks to the procedurally generated events. The house which you’ll visit has an AI that determines which scare is convenient for the moment in which you are playing, and the choice in turn depends on the player’s attitude while playing.

The AI evaluates the speed with which it moves, the different scares that were triggered, and alternates between moments of tension and relaxation to keep the player always alert and ready to be scared. There are different missions, enemies, objects and puzzles that can all be randomised.

Project Nightmares screenshot

Project Nightmares VR Edition

Sadly, few details are available on the VR edition of Project Nightmares currently. A simple line from an official FAQ states: “we have plans support VR as well.”

No further information is available, including supported headsets or release date. However, the game is already available via Steam. It makes logical sense to assume a SteamVR version is in the works. Then again, it’s also coming to PlayStation 5 – PSVR2 anyone?

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