ArcadeXR Doubles-Down on April Fool’s Joke

On April 1st 2023, ArcadeXR, the company behind the VR game Arcade Legend, released a tongue-in-cheek press release announcing that Chicken Farm, an obscure arcade game released in the 90’s by LAI Games, would be one of three new titles being added in Arcade Legend’s first free content update since the game’s launch a few months ago. This announcement was meant as an April Fool’s joke; exactly who had heard of Chicken Farm? Turns out a lot of people, and now demand has brought a joke into reality. Or, virtual reality, at least.

Chicken Farm had become the subject of jokes within the Arcade Legend community. Since the game’s debut during Steam Next Fest in 2021, it has benefitted from an ongoing discussion. According to ArcadeXR, it all started with a short clip of a Twitch streamer using the game’s catchphrase, “Wanna win some tickets? Then play Chicken Farm!”

The meme spread through the community up to the game’s launch on Meta Quest 2 late in 2022. Apparently, community members were ‘begging’ for the game to be brought to life. On 6th April 2023, the Arcade Legend community had its wish was granted. Chicken Farm was released as a faithful recreation of the original game. And along with it came two other classic titles from LAI: Mega Spin and Balloon Buster.

Arcade Legend screenshot

ArcadeXR Can Take a Joke

According to ArcadeXR, the idea for the April Fool’s joke had been in the works for over a year:

“There is nothing better when an idea that starts as a joke turns into reality,” said Tabor Carlton, Head of Marketing. “Our community for Arcade Legend is amazing, and we felt like this was a great way to show them how much we value them. Chicken Farm is a great piece of unique content which is almost impossible to play anywhere else besides Arcade Legend.”

Arcade Legend is available on Meta Quest 2 and Meta Quest Pro. The game is also and coming soon to Steam. It allows players to build and customise their own arcade, play officially licensed titles with friends and redeem prizes from their very own prize store.

ArcadeXR is an arcade experience company that connects people with games. The company clearly has close ties with the arcade developer LAI Games. Arcade Legends is published under their name and all website copyright is held by LAI.