Marvelous Marbles Rolls into VR

Did you ever enjoy building marble mazes as a kid? Ramps and jumps and whatever you could possibly imagine. Well, now there’s a way to do this whenever you heart desires. And what’s more, with Marvelous Marbles, there’s no tidying up afterwards!

In Marvelous Marbles, players can build marble runs where your imagination is the only limit. Build, watch and even race marbles down the slopes.

Marvelous Marbles Gameplay

Players can pick from a variety of shapes and materials as they build their unique courses. The game’s ‘snapping system’ makes it quick and easy to put everything together. You can use mechanical contraptions to lift, push and steer your marbles. And if you can’t find the right piece, you can build your own! The game is designed to be modded and comes with Steam Workshop integration for easy sharing.

If you want an extra challenge you can race through your creations. Players must steer the marble and try to avoid obstacles. The game even allows for multiplayer split-screen races.

Marvelous Marbles screenshot

Marvelous Marbles in VR

The game is playable on a traditional 2D monitor. However, if you have a VR headset, you should definitely put it on to experience more immersion. Use direct input to pick up and place pieces, just like in real life.

Marvelous Marbles is now available via Steam. The game is being offered with a launch discount at present, reducing the price by 37%. Typically priced at £13,49 GBP, the game can currently be purchased for just £8.49.

As developer Mindemia’s first title, it’s great to see VR support included as standard. Here’s hoping Marvelous Marbles proves a success and we see releases on additional headsets, such as Meta Quest 2 or PSVR2.

Are you interested in picking up the virtual marble track creator? Let us know in the comments below!