Viveport Celebrates 7th Anniversary With Three Awesome Free Games

Viveport 7th Anniversary

It’s surprising to think that Viveport, HTC’s videogame subscription service – and the first for VR – is now seven years old. Launched in HTC Vive’s heyday, just like the hardware, its consumer popularity has significantly waned over the years. But now, as Viveport celebrates its 7th anniversary the service is offering up three awesome games for subscribers to keep.

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The 7 Best VR Roguelike Games

In Death - image1

Want hours and hours of content with addictive gameplay but without all the endless wandering around open worlds? Then you’ll want a roguelike/roguelite videogame. These games tend to be dungeon crawlers with procedural worlds and a love of the grind. Constantly offering just that little bit more to keep you coming back for one more run. They’ve become increasingly popular in recent years, so here are XR Source’s best VR roguelike games.

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