Eye of the Temple Dev is “Done With VR”

Eye of the Temple image

The videogame industry is a tough business and that goes double for VR. Recently, successful studios like First Contact Entertainment have shut down whilst others – such as Archiact – have had to lay off staff. But VR is also filled with plenty of indie developers trying to make their mark. Rune Skovbo Johansen is one such dev, having released Eye of the Temple for both PCVR and Meta Quest. But after so many years focused on his VR project, he’s now ‘done with VR’ to focus on a new flatscreen game.

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Eye of the Temple Roomscale Adventure Coming to Quest 2

Eye of the Temple keyart

Roomscale gaming is one of VR’s biggest plus points. The ability to place a player in a virtual environment that they can actually walk around in. A great example of this is Eye of the Temple. A PC VR title created by indie developer Rune Skovbo Johansen, he’s teamed up with Salmi Games to bring it to Meta Quest 2.

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