The 7 Best VR Puzzle Games

A Fisherman's Tale - Best VR Puzzle Games

Most games tend to have puzzles of some sort in them but that doesn’t make them puzzle games. A true puzzler needs to have more than ‘find the switch to open the next door’ ideas. They need to be engaging, thought-provoking and head-scratching all at once. So here are XR Source’s best VR puzzle games.

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The 10 Best Meta Quest 2 Games for VR Beginners

Quest 2 Games for VR Beginners

Virtual reality (VR) is an awesome entertainment medium which has dramatically improved over the last few years. While the original entry point wasn’t exactly cheap or necessarily practical for a lot of people the arrival of Meta Quest 2 has opened up the technology to a much wider user base. Its portability, inside-out tracking, 6DoF controllers and hand tracking allow for instantly immersive gameplay. However, for those fresh to VR choosing the right experience can mean the difference between a lifelong passion or instant dislike. Hence why XR Source has chosen these Quest 2 games for VR beginners.

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