All the New VR Games Coming in March 2024

MADiSON VR screenshot

2024 is ticking along rather nicely when it comes to VR gaming. There have been a couple of delays here and there but it seems March is the month where they finally make their mark. The next few weeks offer an exciting selection of titles. So here are all the new VR games arriving in March.

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OVRDARK: a Do Not Open story Receives Staggered Launch Schedule

OVRDARK: a Do Not Open story keyart

Normally, when a developer or publisher chooses a launch date they settle on one day. Why, because it makes it simple, and generally doesn’t annoy gamers. Sometimes, games like MADiSON VR will split digital and physical editions. Nox Noctis has gone for a far more staggered approach for the launch of OVRDARK: a Do Not Open story. Starting with a couple of dates in March.

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