Meta Quest 3 Launch Games: What Might They Be?

Meta Quest 3 Announcement Trailer

Next week sees the return of Connect, Meta’s annual showcase for all things XR. As you’re probably very well aware by now, the event is expected to see the Meta Quest 3 make its official appearance after its initial tease during the Quest Showcase earlier this year. Over the past month, there have been plenty of Quest 3 leaks. With few hardware surprises left apart for the launch date. However, when it comes to Quest 3 launch games, that’s another matter.

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On Spatial Data Alone, Quest 3 Outshines Quest Pro

Meta Quest 3

There’s just over a week to go until the annual Meta Connect conference takes place. Returning to an in-person format, the event is set to feature Meta Quest 3 front and centre. While we already know a lot about the new device, there’s still more to learn. Especially where its mixed reality (MR) capabilities lie. And by the looks of a newly published support page, Quest 3 outshines the flagship Quest Pro.

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Meta Quest Super Resolution Adds Another Perk to the Headset’s Arsenal

Meta Quest 2

As if the Meta Quest platform didn’t already have enough technology squeezed into its headsets, Meta has just announced another feature. ‘Super Resolution’ as the company calls it, is designed to make Quest games and apps look even better. An upscaling algorithm, developers can enable Meta Quest Super Resolution now for their projects.

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Should Meta Lower Its VR Age Restriction to 10? 

Meta Quest Parental Control

Last week Meta announced that new parent-managed accounts would be introduced to its VR headsets. This allows parents to create accounts for 10–12-year-olds on Quest 2 or the upcoming Quest 3. Giving further flexibility to family devices, these accounts would allow parents control over what apps could be downloaded. Furthermore, Meta would then highlight age-appropriate experiences on the Quest Store because the preteens’ age would have to be shared. This is a major policy reversal and begs the question of whether Meta should be lowering its VR age restriction in the first place. 

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Apple Vision Pro vs Meta Quest Pro: Spec Comparison

Best VR Deals Meta Quest Pro

When Meta launched its Quest Pro mixed reality headset in 2022 it didn’t exactly set the world alight. Not like the Apple Vision Pro did when the Cupertino tech company unveiled its first immersive device during WWDC 2023. But how do these two juggernauts compare, considering details like the Apple Vision Pro price difference and Quest Pro’s gaming library? There are many variables so let’s start with a Vision Pro vs Quest Pro spec comparison.

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Meta Quest+ Subscription Could Be On The Way

Quest 2 Games for VR Beginners

Now that the Quest 3 announcement and Apple Vision Pro rumours have been put to bed it’s time for another. Actually, time for a previous rumour to resurface, in fact. Back in March, one appeared regarding a sort of Game Pass for Quest 2. Suggesting a ‘Quest Pass’ would offer a couple of games a month. Today, another leak has appeared in far more official livery, hinting at a price and that it’s going to be called a Meta Quest+ subscription.

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There’s Never Been a Better Time to Own a Quest 2

Own a Quest 2 - Stranger Things

Let’s be honest, virtual reality (VR) isn’t to everyone’s liking. Not all gamers desire to strap a computer to their face and start moving around in a virtual world. Those attitudes are slowly changing, thanks to better hardware and a greater abundance of quality software. The current front-runner is Meta’s Quest 2, a standalone headset packed with features on sale since 2020. It is the easiest path into VR, and thanks to a recent price cut and a huge amount of newly announced games, the argument to own a Quest 2 is even simpler.

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Quest 3 Controller Tracking Pass the Beat Saber Expert+ Test

Quest 3 announcement controllers

The Meta Quest 3 announcement delighted VR fans last week, confirming pricing as well as a bunch of features. This included getting a first look at the new controllers which sport a sleeker design. The most visually striking difference over the Quest 2 controllers is the omission of a tracking ring. This has seen a flood of queries come in from gamers worried about how well the Quest 3 controller tracking will hold up. In an Instagram AMA over the weekend, Meta CTO Andrew “Boz” Bosworth went into greater detail regarding how the new system would work.

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