There’s Never Been a Better Time to Own a Quest 2

Own a Quest 2 - Stranger Things

Let’s be honest, virtual reality (VR) isn’t to everyone’s liking. Not all gamers desire to strap a computer to their face and start moving around in a virtual world. Those attitudes are slowly changing, thanks to better hardware and a greater abundance of quality software. The current front-runner is Meta’s Quest 2, a standalone headset packed with features on sale since 2020. It is the easiest path into VR, and thanks to a recent price cut and a huge amount of newly announced games, the argument to own a Quest 2 is even simpler.

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The Quest Gaming Showcase Put Sony’s to Shame

The Quest Gaming Showcase - Asgard's Wrath 2 - screenshot1

Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) kicked off the summer season of videogame showcases with what many described as a rather muted event. The PSVR 2 PlayStation Showcase had some good titles like the Resident Evil 4 Remake trailer but lacked that certain pop needed to get fans truly excited. The Quest Gaming Showcase, on the other hand, was far more electric. Albeit somewhat helped by the surprise Quest 3 announcement.

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Meta Sticks Two Fingers up to Apple with Quest 3 Announcement

Meta Quest 3 Announcement Trailer

Well, well, well, who saw that coming? Meta has taken the reports that Apple will be unveiling its new headset seriously and pipped them to the post. Yesterday, as if you couldn’t miss it, the Meta Quest 3 announcement dropped almost out of the blue. Ahead of the Meta Quest Gaming Showcase Mark Zuckerberg released the first official details. These include specification confirmations and a price, whilst noting that Quest 3 will be “Our most powerful headset yet”.

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The Quest Gaming Showcase Games That Need to Appear

Quest Gaming Showcase Games - Asgard's Wrath

Meta’s next Quest Gaming Showcase is set to make its return tomorrow. It’s a chance for the company to really highlight the power, depth and fun of virtual reality to the gaming public. Hopefully, it’ll prove to be more exciting than the PSVR 2 PlayStation Showcase which was rather muted. What we need are some big names and franchises to really stoke excitement for 2023 and further afield. So here are the Quest Gaming Showcase games we’d like to see appear.

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Meta Promotes Quest Gaming Showcase With Huge Sale

Resident Evil 4 VR fight

Meta’s Quest Gaming Showcase is only a couple of days away and it certainly feels like the company is going all out. Maybe it’s because new details have arrived regarding the mixed reality-focused Quest 3. Or perhaps this all has taken place a few short days before the expected reveal of Apple’s VR headset, who can say? What’s clear is that Meta Quest 2 and Quest Pro owners benefit from a nice store sale.

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Could Meta’s Quest Gaming Showcase Steal Apple’s WWDC Thunder?

Meta Quest Gaming Showcase

When it comes to virtual reality (VR) in 2023 things are heating up nicely. Apple is rumoured to be revealing its first VR headset at WWDC in June. Whilst Meta will launch Quest 3 later this year. However, before all of that, there’s the Quest Gaming Showcase in June, suspiciously only a few days before WWDC.

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