Do Subscriptions Have a Future in VR?

Meta Quest Parental Control

Like many people, I’m subscribed to various streaming platforms and other services. In fact, I’d wager that the majority of people have at least one subscription. In years gone by, this monetisation method was primarily used by magazines and publications, with customers enjoying monthly deliveries of their favourite written rag. Times have most definitely changed, streaming services such as Netflix, Disney+ and Paramount+ draw in millions of customers – and make billions in the process. And so do platforms like Xbox Game Pass and PS Plus, offering an ever-revolving smorgasbord of content.

All of that is a world away from the VR developers looking to monetize their content with a subscription. So the question is, can it work on a much smaller level? Furthermore, is the VR market even big enough to support it?

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Meta Quest+ Subscription Could Be On The Way

Quest 2 Games for VR Beginners

Now that the Quest 3 announcement and Apple Vision Pro rumours have been put to bed it’s time for another. Actually, time for a previous rumour to resurface, in fact. Back in March, one appeared regarding a sort of Game Pass for Quest 2. Suggesting a ‘Quest Pass’ would offer a couple of games a month. Today, another leak has appeared in far more official livery, hinting at a price and that it’s going to be called a Meta Quest+ subscription.

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