Meta Quest 3 Mixed Reality Could Offer Full-Colour Passthrough Games

Meta Quest Pro - Quest 3 Mixed Reality

Meta had its Q4 2022 earning call this week and the past year didn’t do particularly well, as was expected. But the company is still pressing ahead with its metaverse vision and the hardware that’ll help consumers access it. As part of those plans, CEO Mark Zuckerberg mentioned the Meta Quest 3 and its mixed reality (MR) capabilities.

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The Best VR Deals (Feb 2023) 

Best VR Deals Meta Quest 2

It seems like February has arrived awfully fast, with the previous month littered with hardware and software announcements. Of course, the big rollout this month is the launch of PlayStation VR 2 (PSVR 2) in a few weeks. For now, though, we’re far more interested in what virtual reality (VR) deals can be found today. So here are our tops picks from around the web.  

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Silhouette Review – No Shady Hands to Hold

Silhouette keyart

When a VR game for Quest 2 says it’s going to add hand tracking to its control scheme there’s a nice novelty factor to the experience. But I tend to still revert to the traditional controller setup as it tends to be a smoother experience. When a videogame like Silhouette comes along, I take a breath of apprehension. Fully hand-tracked experiences tend to have a great concept, however, the execution never quite delivers. 

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Fractured Sanity to Bring Survival Horror to Meta Quest’s App Lab 

Fractured Sanity

Virtual reality (VR) horror games can be some of the most immersive and intense on any platform, by their sheer terrifying nature. That may put many players off but if you’re prepared for the ride, it can be exhilarating. The latest announced for Meta Quest 2 and PC VR headsets is Fractured Sanity, mixing both survival and psychological horror. 

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10 Best Meta Quest 2 Games of 2022 

Best Meta Quest 2 Games

Last year was a bit lacklustre for the virtual reality (VR) industry. It may not have been filled with huge video game launches, however, there were some choice gaming experiences to be had. If you’re new to the platform or simply looking for what to play next, here are (in our opinion) the best Meta Quest 2 games from 2022. 

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