Hologate VR Arcade Expansion Aided by €8.3M Investment

Hologate image2

One of the leaders in location-based entertainment (LBE), in addition to enterprise solutions, is Hologate. With a VR network spanning 42 countries and over 450 locations, the company hopes to grow its business even further. That’s all thanks to a €8.3 million Series A funding round aiding the Hologate VR arcade expansion process.

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Squid Game VR is Real and Coming to Venues in 2023 

Squid Game VR

Netflix’s Squid Game was a huge hit for the streaming platform in 2021, being one of the few shows not to get the chop after the first series. It has been such a hit that not only is it getting a second series, but Netflix has teamed up with Sandbox VR to create a Squid Game VR experience for the latter’s location-based entertainment (LBE) venues.  

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