Little Cities Review: A Superb Micro Metropolis

Little Cities keyart

Purple Yonder’s cute city-building game Little Cities has been available for Meta Quest 2 for over a year. When I first played the game at launch, I found it wonderfully charming, well-balanced and easy to pick up. However, it was a tiny bit light on features to extend the gameplay once I’d explored all the available areas. A year on and I still find that same delight as before. Now with all the added bonuses a year out in the wild provides in our Little Cities review.

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That’s Handy! Leaving Quest 2 Controllers Behind 

Meta Quest 2 hand tracking

We’ve all faced the dilemma when sitting down to play a videogame and you find that the controller is dead. Whether that’s because you’ve forgotten to charge the damn thing or those cheap AA batteries you picked up only managed to last a few paltry hours. If you’ve got a Meta Quest 2 virtual reality (VR) headset then there’s always a third option for that gaming fix, hand tracking. 

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