The 7 Best VR Social Worlds

Rec Room screenshot 1

Once considered a socially isolating technology, virtual reality has proven that isn’t the case. From multiplayer shooters to tabletop board games, developers have found continually new and exciting ways of bringing people together. But where do you go if you don’t want to jump straight into a PvP gaming session? What if you’re looking for somewhere to hang out with friends, meet new people or get creative? That’s where these best VR social worlds come into play.

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Take Part in Survivor: Horizon Island in Meta Horizon Worlds Next Month

Survivor: Horizon Island screenshot1

It seems as though TV shows being made into VR games is becoming a major thing. From Peaky Blinders: The King’s Ransom to the more recent Stranger Things VR and Survivorman VR: The Descent, shows are starting to appear more regularly. Next up is the long-running CBS franchise Survivor. But this won’t be getting its own standalone title. Instead, Survivor: Horizon Island is coming to Meta Horizon Worlds.

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Meta Horizon Worlds Co-op Adventure Citadel Now Live

Meta Horizon Worlds - Citadel

Meta’s VR division has a user retention issue. The company has admitted it struggles to keep new Quest 2 owners coming back. The same can be said for its flagship Meta Horizon Worlds app, the metaverse it has been struggling to promote. To aid in that endeavour, Meta released Super Rumble a couple of months ago. Now Horizon Worlds has its second title, a co-op adventure game called Citadel.

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Enjoy a Horrific Valentines with VR Slasher Be Mine 

Roths Be Mine Peyton List

Meta’s social metaverse Horizon Worlds isn’t attracting as many virtual reality fans as the company would like. So next month it’s throwing some unique content Worlds’ way. Eli Roth, the horror maestro behind films such as Hostel has teamed up with Meta on BE MINE: A VR Valentine’s Slasher. 

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