Swarm 2 Review: An Adrenaline Spiking Sequel

Swarm 2 Keyart

When Greensky Games released Swarm back in 2021, it was a refreshing entry into the VR scene. Sure, we’d seen grappling games before, but not quite with this arcade intensity. It was a bold move. And now we have Swarm 2 for Meta Quest, looking to outdo its older sibling with the same frantic gameplay but with a deeper replay system. As we find in our review, Swarm 2 does exactly that. Bigger, bolder and badder in every way.

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Swarm 2 Returns to Meta Quest in 2024

Swarm 2 keyart

Years ago games like Windlands showcased the exciting power of grappling hooks and swinging mechanics. Then in 2021 Greensky Games unleashed Swarm, demonstrating how fast and frantic arcade-style grapple shooters could be. Now the studio has confirmed its long-awaited return. Swarm 2 is heading to Meta Quest headsets in the new year.

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