Could “Game Pass” for Quest 2 Solve its Retention Issue?

Meta Quest 2 player

Meta might be planning a pricier Quest 3 for later in the year but more pressing is its retention issue with new Quest 2 owners. Meta’s VP of VR, Mark Rabkin has been reported as saying “they’re just not as into it” unlike longtime VR fans. So what’s the solution? Well, a subscription service like Xbox Game Pass could well be it. And if recent rumours are true, a “Game Pass” for Quest 2 is well underway.

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The Best VR Deals (March 2023)

Best VR Deals Meta Quest Pro

We all like a good deal, getting maximum value for our cash but some are so big it makes you wonder what’s wrong. That was definitely the thought process when Meta permanently slashed the price of Quest Pro by $500 at the beginning of March. Nothing else is going to beat that but here is some other VR savings XR Source has found.

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The 10 Best Meta Quest 2 Games for VR Beginners

Quest 2 Games for VR Beginners

Virtual reality (VR) is an awesome entertainment medium which has dramatically improved over the last few years. While the original entry point wasn’t exactly cheap or necessarily practical for a lot of people the arrival of Meta Quest 2 has opened up the technology to a much wider user base. Its portability, inside-out tracking, 6DoF controllers and hand tracking allow for instantly immersive gameplay. However, for those fresh to VR choosing the right experience can mean the difference between a lifelong passion or instant dislike. Hence why XR Source has chosen these Quest 2 games for VR beginners.

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Street Fighter VR Hits the Arcades

Street Fighter keyart

Bringing big gaming franchises to VR is nothing new. The likes of Far Cry, Medal of Honor and GRID have already tried, with varying results. Even the PSVR2 launch games are being bolstered by one of the PlayStation’s biggest franchises, Horizon: Call of the Mountain. And now, the biggest fighting franchise of all time is making it’s VR debut, as Street Fighter VR is playable in arcades throughout Japan.

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Meta Quest 2 vs PSVR 2: Which Should You Buy? 

Meta Quest 2 vs PSVR 2

In the last 12 months if you wanted to get into virtual reality (VR) then the easy choice was Meta Quest 2. It might have been released in 2020 but the standalone device has held its own, mainly through lack of competition. But that’s about to change this month with the arrival of Sony’s PlayStation VR 2. Unveiled a year ago, the PSVR 2 has been hotly anticipated, with exciting new features including upgraded visuals that’ll leave Quest 2 in the dust. However, it might not be as simple as that in this Meta Quest 2 vs PSVR 2 battle. 

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