The 7 Best VR Games of 2023 So Far (Summer)

Vertigo 2 PSVR 2 - keyart

How do you feel the first half of 2023 has gone VR gaming-wise? It’s not been as strong as in previous years but that doesn’t mean there haven’t been some good titles. Our most anticipated VR games in 2023 are still to come, so let’s look back at what’s already arrived.

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F1 23 Will Support PC VR But Not PSVR 2

F1 23 - image1

At the beginning of May, EA and Codemasters announced F1 23, confirming that it would come to console and PC in June. The next Formula 1 instalment will also get virtual reality support on PC but there’s been some ambiguity regardings any other VR platform, namely PlayStation VR 2. EA has now put that unknown to bed, confirming that while F1 23 will support PC VR headsets, PSVR 2 won’t get a port.

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