The 7 Best Mixed Reality Games for Meta Quest 3

Meta Quest 3 orange

So you just bought the new, all-powerful Meta Quest 3. The Quest Store has a huge amount of compatible videogames and apps available but really, you want to test Quest 3’s capabilities. And that means unlocking its mixed reality (MR) potential. But which titles support the full-colour passthrough and which are even worth playing? So here are the best mixed reality games currently available for Quest 3.

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The Best XR Games to Celebrate Halloween

Best XR Games Halloween Lies Beneath

So you’ve got your pumpkins carved, a bowl of sweets ready for trick-or-treaters, and the fake cobwebs are up. You’re almost ready for another Halloween celebration but what next? Another classic horror movie fest featuring the greats or a terrifyingly non-spooky party? How about turning things up a notch with some immersive XR gaming, something that’ll send chills down your spine – or at least make you jump? Here are some of the best XR games to celebrate Halloween in.

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Drop Dead: The Cabin – Home Invasion Hits Meta Quest Headsets

Drop Dead: The Cabin keyart

Drop Dead: The Cabin‘s mixed reality (MR) mode, now known as Drop Dead: The Cabin – Home Invasion, brings a zombie invasion right to your living room. The free MR mode is part of Drop Dead: The Cabin, and is available now via the Meta Quest Store for Quest 3, Quest 2 and Quest Pro. Early adopters of the Quest 3 are in for some special extras, too.

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