The 7 Best VR Multiplayer Games

How to play Gorilla Tag

What makes a good multiplayer game? Is it the visuals, gameplay, social options, regular content drops and more? Quite honestly it needs to be a slice of all of these variables, as well as one final thing. That indescribable spark that makes everyone who dips their toe in suddenly want more. There are so many immersive videogames that have multiplayer components trying to whittle the list down to seven is a task in itself. But here we go, the best VR multiplayer games!

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The 7 Best VR RPG Games

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR img

With a plethora of virtual worlds to explore, it can be difficult deciding which one to devote your precious time to. Finding the right mix of storyline, character building and combat mechanics can be tricky. So XR Source has taken that away with our selection of the best VR RPG games available.

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The 7 Best VR Board Games

Best VR Board Games - Chess Club

Tabletop board games have been entertaining us all for generations. So it is hardly surprising that virtual reality would gain a few over the years, transporting players to worlds like never before. But which should you spend your time and effort delving into? Here is XR Source’s selection of the best VR board games.

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The 10 Best Meta Quest 2 Games for VR Beginners

Quest 2 Games for VR Beginners

Virtual reality (VR) is an awesome entertainment medium which has dramatically improved over the last few years. While the original entry point wasn’t exactly cheap or necessarily practical for a lot of people the arrival of Meta Quest 2 has opened up the technology to a much wider user base. Its portability, inside-out tracking, 6DoF controllers and hand tracking allow for instantly immersive gameplay. However, for those fresh to VR choosing the right experience can mean the difference between a lifelong passion or instant dislike. Hence why XR Source has chosen these Quest 2 games for VR beginners.

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