Breachers On PSVR 2 to Receive Official bHaptics Support

Breachers hits Quest 2

It’s CES week in Las Vegas (as if you didn’t know) and the hardware announcements have been coming thick and fast. While the likes of Apple and Sony have been grabbing the headlines, one of the announcements you may have missed comes from bHaptics. The company behind the TactSuit haptic vest, bHaptics has revealed official support for Breachers on PSVR 2.

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The Best Meta Quest Games of 2023

Quest 2 and Quest 3

It has been an interesting 12 months for Meta and its Quest headsets. The most popular VR device, Quest 2, has now been superseded by the Quest 3, bringing with it new mixed reality possibilities. And a year after launch the Quest Pro is both the flagship and runt of the trio. But what about the games? We’ve enjoyed spending countless hours in VR this year and it’s been a tough choice. So here are XR Source’s Best Meta Quest Games of 2023.

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The 7 Best VR Games of 2023 So Far (Summer)

Vertigo 2 PSVR 2 - keyart

How do you feel the first half of 2023 has gone VR gaming-wise? It’s not been as strong as in previous years but that doesn’t mean there haven’t been some good titles. Our most anticipated VR games in 2023 are still to come, so let’s look back at what’s already arrived.

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