Asian Studios to Unleash VR Arcade Action in 2024

Brazen Blaze screenshot

Some of the most insane, action-packed videogames come from developers in Asia. Giant mechs, enormous overpowered weapons and ludicrous abilities, we love them all. This year VR fans are being treated to three exciting VR arcade action games from veteran VR studios in Japan and Korea, Soul Covenant, Strike Rush and Brazen Blaze.

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Brazen Blaze Open Beta Registrations Begin

Brazen Blaze keyart

Over the past few months, MyDearest Inc. has been gearing up for the launch of its next title Brazen Blaze. The VR developer behind Tokyo Chronos and Dyschronia: Chronos Alternate, Brazen Blaze is a very different experience. An action-packed VR brawler, the studio has held several events for players to test the game. The next takes place in February, with sign-ups now available for the Brazen Blaze open beta.

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DYSCHRONIA’s MyDearest Inc. Raises $7.8m To Expand its IPs

DYSCHRONIA Chronos Alternate keyart

Japanese VR specialist MyDearest Inc. is currently in the process of developing its fourth title, Brazen Blaze. The studio recently announced that to help expand its current drop of IPs – which includes its Chronos series – it has secured new funding. Thanks to a recent investment round led by led by SBI Investment Co., MyDearest Inc. has managed to raise $7.8 million USD (1.2 billion yen).

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Brawling Brazen Blaze Open Beta Slated for Feb 2024

Brazen Blaze Open Beta

In September, Japanese developer My Dearest Inc. announced its latest VR project, Brazen Blaze. A multiplayer fighting game, the studio held a closed Alpha test this month for early adopters on its Discord server. If you didn’t get a chance to try it the first time, My Dearest Inc. is planning a Brazen Blaze open beta for early next year.

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