The 10 PSVR 2 Games You Should Own

Resident Evil Village on PSVR 2

The first PSVR 2 anniversary has now been and gone. Sony celebrated with a few game announcements as well as confirming work on PSVR 2 PC support. The headset marked a new era for PlayStation, utilising the power of PS5 to deliver some incredible games over the past 12 months. Whether you’re new to the platform or bought it on day one, here are the PSVR 2 games we think every owner should have in their library.

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The 7 Best VR Survival Games

Best VR Survival Games - Song in the Smoke screenshot

Over the years videogames have become bigger, grander, and more fantastical. One of the genres that players love the most is ‘survival’, offering potentially hundreds of hours of gaming joy. The world of VR is no different. Here are what we think are the best VR survival games currently available.

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The 7 Best Zombie Games for Meta Quest

The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners 2 PSVR2

When it comes to zombies in pop culture it kind of feels like everything has been done to death (yeah, yeah, I know). films, TV shows, and even games went through a stale era. However, you can’t keep a brain-hungry corpse down for long, with VR’s unique blend of physical mechanics breathing new life into the genre. If you’ve got a Meta Quest then there are plenty of titles to choose from. Here are (what we think) are the best zombie games for Meta Quest.

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Arizona Sunshine 2 Quest 3 Enhancements Coming in 2024

Arizona Sunshine 2 - keyart

Vertigo Games’ Arizona Sunshine 2 had a successful launch at the beginning of the month. Having just released its first major patch, the studio has also revealed one slight delay. Originally, the Meta Quest 3 version of Arizona Sunshine 2 was going to get several upgrades this month. Vertigo Games has now said that’ll happen in the new year.

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The Best PSVR 2 Games of 2023

PSVR 2 Review

Sony launched PlayStation VR 2 (PSVR 2) in February 2023, a whole seven years after the original. And what a headset it turned out to be. Far simpler to set up with only one cable to the PS5, the PSVR 2 also boasted a range of advanced features – some that don’t appear on any other device. These have allowed developers to release a bevvy of awesome titles. So here are XR Source’s Best PSVR 2 Games of 2023.

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The Best Meta Quest Games of 2023

Quest 2 and Quest 3

It has been an interesting 12 months for Meta and its Quest headsets. The most popular VR device, Quest 2, has now been superseded by the Quest 3, bringing with it new mixed reality possibilities. And a year after launch the Quest Pro is both the flagship and runt of the trio. But what about the games? We’ve enjoyed spending countless hours in VR this year and it’s been a tough choice. So here are XR Source’s Best Meta Quest Games of 2023.

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The 7 Goriest VR Games

The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners

Quite often, here at XR Source, we like to list the best roguelike games or the best roomscale games. But for many gamers out there, simply looking for ‘the best’ isn’t always the main requirement. VR titles can offer a bevvy of immersive gameplay opportunities, so you might be looking for great bow mechanics, or games that provide precision physics. Or, as we’re covering here, you might just be looking for the goriest VR games.

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