Quest App Lab Games Finally Recognised (sort of)

Quest App Lab Games launch

When Meta launched App Lab in 2021 it lauded the fact that this alternative distribution method would help developers get their games in the hands of players. All without going through the rigmarole of the official store selection process. The catch, games aren’t the easiest to find unless you use a third-party platform like SideQuest. Even so, this opened the floodgates for indie developers and larger studios alike to get their projects on Meta Quest before completion. It’s now fantastic to see the Quest Store highlight projects that have made it all the way through the approval process.

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Space Dragon Roadmap Includes Quest 3 Mixed Reality Mode

Space Dragon keyart

Meta’s next mixed-reality headset isn’t far away with developers already planning their Quest 3 upgrades. The latest to announce new details is 3lb Games for its bullet-hell shooter Space Dragon. With the release of a Space Dragon roadmap, the studio will launch a mixed-reality update to support all Meta Quest headsets.

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How to Play App Lab Games on Quest 2

Meta vs Oculus

The Meta Quest 2 has an impressive library of titles on the official store but more are hidden away. App Lab is Meta’s uncurated section for smaller indie games or those still in development. It provides creators with a different method of app distribution, far less stringent when it comes to a final, finessed product. As such, the quality can vary greatly and finding them is a lot more difficult. So if you want to play App Lab games here’s how to go about it.

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