The 7 Best VR Games of 2023 So Far (Summer)

Vertigo 2 PSVR 2 - keyart

How do you feel the first half of 2023 has gone VR gaming-wise? It’s not been as strong as in previous years but that doesn’t mean there haven’t been some good titles. Our most anticipated VR games in 2023 are still to come, so let’s look back at what’s already arrived.

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Another Fisherman’s Tale Review: All Hands-on Deck 

Another Fisherman's Tale Review

When it comes to making virtual reality puzzle games Innerspace VR are experts. The studio behind The Corsair’s Curse and Maskmaker first delighted players with the mind-bending A Fisherman’s Tale. A delightful story about a puppet who needs to fix a lighthouse during a storm. Whilst short, the game was playful with its sense of scale and wonder, treating players to some extraordinary puzzles. Another Fisherman’s Tale tries to recapture that early magic as the fisherman recants a brand-new tale. 

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More PSVR 2 Games Come Flooding in as Launch Day Arrives

More PSVR 2 Games

The day has finally arrived PlayStation VR 2 launch day! Sony’s next-generation virtual reality (VR) headset will be arriving at people’s doorsteps, welcoming them into a new world of immersive entertainment. With hardware in hand, you’ll want games to play, with a decent selection previously confirmed for day one. But there are more PSVR 2 games! 10 new titles have been revealed, pushing the launch day releases to over 40.

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