Genotype Beta Test Coming to Quest 2

Genotype, a VR escape-the-dungeon adventure, is now confirmed for Meta Quest 2. Developed by Bolverk Games, the title is due to arrive at the end of 2023. A Genotype beta will take place ahead of launch, with registration now available.

Taking place in Antarctica, the sci-fi adventure presents players with a series of moral choices, puzzles and various minigames. Bolverk Games state that the team has ‘worked hard for several months’, as well as admitting to ‘crunching for a week’. This commitment has lead them to a new milestone: having delivered the important Alpha development milestone to Meta.

This juncture means the game is now playable end-to-end, key game-play functionality is implemented, and assets are mostly completed.

“It’s been hard on the team leading up to the Alpha, so it’s nice to be on the other side of it,” stated Bo Bennekov, CEO Bolverk Games. “But they always deliver! Now, we can focus broader and get back to a more stable working rhythm.”

Genotype screenshot

Genotype Beta Details

Following the completed Alpha version, a Genotype beta test has also been revealed. No specific date has yet been announced, however you can register your interest at

According to Bolverk Games, there are many things that may yet change in the game. However, Genotype is now playable from start to finish.

“The Alpha release marks the first time the game is playable from end to end,” added Bennekov. “We now have a shared goal for the rest of the development… we are dead sure that the end result will be a great product,”

As stated above, Genotype will launch on Meta Quest 2 late in 2023. No details on any other formats have yet been announced.

Are you excited for the Genotype beta? Have you registered? Let us know in the comments below!