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Job Simulator and Vacation Simulator Out Now on Apple Vision Pro

Job Simulator Vision Pro Key Art

Job Simulator Vision Pro Key Art

Around the same time that Apple launched the Vision Pro, Owlchemy Labs made its own announcement. Revealing that its popular VR games Job Simulator and Vacation Simulator were being ported to Vision Pro. The wait is now over, with Apple headset owners able to dive into the colourful worlds VR owners have been enjoying for years.

Simulating a new era

Neither Job Simulator nor Vacation Simulator are particularly new games – 2016 and 2019, respectively. Even so, having both titles available for Vision Pro is a nice addition considering there aren’t many VR games available for the device.

Furthermore, they both feature four years of hand-tracking development. Perfectly catering to Vision Pro’s controller-free design.

“Owlchemy Labs has always been committed to pioneering hand tracking technology and putting our games on the most innovative platforms,” Andrew Eiche, CEOwl at Owlchemy Labs, said. “Bringing Job Simulator and Vacation Simulator to Apple Vision Pro feels like the most natural manifestation of our goals. The fully immersive environments look stunning on Apple Vision Pro, and the games have been optimized for the hand- and eye-tracking capabilities of the platform.”

Jobbing & Vacationing

If you’ve somehow missed both games over the past few years, they’re both designed as fun interactive experiences. Job Simulator: The 2050 Archives (as it was originally called) saw a simple premise, in the future all jobs are now undertaken by robots. With humans unaware of what jobs actually entail they can now ‘job’ by way of a simulator. So in Job Simulator can try your hand at being an office worker, chef or mechanic.

Vacation Simulator (as the name suggests) takes you to “Vacation Island” where the robots discover the true meaning of “time off.” It’s an activity-rich destination where you can head to the beach and cook some burgers. Or head into the mountains for a snowball fight or two.

Experimental Hand Tracking Ends

It’s not just Apple Vision Pro that benefits from the Job & Vacation Simulator launch. Owlchemy’s ‘experimental’ hand-tracking phase has now ended. Both games are now playable from start to finish with hands-only on Meta Quest. This update should offer better movements and organic interactions. Thus making both games feel more intuitive and natural while playing without controllers on Quest.

Job Simulator can be purchased on the visionOS App Store for $19.99 USD, and Vacation Simulator for $29.99 USD.

Do you own Vision Pro? Will you be buying either game? Let us know in the comments below.

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