Tank Arena: Ultimate League Blasts Onto Quest Tomorrow

There aren’t many VR games dedicated to tank warfare, with one of the best being Rebellion’s Battlezone (2017). In more recent years Korean developer STOIC Entertainment has taken up the mantle releasing World War Toons: Tank Arena VR in 2022. This week the studio returns to the battlefield once more with Tank Arena: Ultimate League.

Tank Arena screenshot

What is Tank Arena?

As the name suggests, you’re in a tank, in an arena, to blast the opposition away. With a futuristic setting, you don’t go into battles alone. Matches are 4v4 team-based affairs, working with your squad to gain the upper hand. You’ve got eight tanks to choose from, Vanguard-types are great at pushing the offensive and resisting enemy attacks. The Assault-type tanks deal the most punishment, perfect for eliminating opponents with strong attacks. Finally, the Supporter class comes to the aid of fellow teammates, healing and assisting their allies.

Outside of the arena, you can customise your tanks, play mini-games, and chat with friends before the next battle.

Ultimate League gameplay

Aiming to provide a fully immersive experience, each tank has a physical control scheme to manoeuvre these futuristic tanks. Whether you prefer an in-cockpit view or a third-person view with standard controls, these are versatile machines that can even strafe!

Each tank also has normal and ultimate attacks as well as active and passive skills. For example, the Vanguard class Thor features a lightning attack, with its Tempest ultimate attack increasing its damage and range. This is boosted by the active Inversion System which temporarily absorbs damage and turns it into health. All of these abilities ensure players have numerous strategies to deploy.

Tank Arena: Ultimate League Launch Details

Tank Arena: Ultimate League will be exclusive to Meta Quest 2, 3 and Pro when it arrives on 23rd May 2024. Pre-orders are still available until then, offering a decent 20% discount off the regular price.

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