Alien: Rogue Incursion Creator Survios: A History of VR Works

In the early years of VR’s revival one game that all Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and PSVR owners had to own was Raw Data. Developed by a small fledgling VR studio called Survios, it would be the jumping-off point for one of the most successful teams in VR. Survios is now developing Alien: Rogue Incursion, one of the biggest IPs to hit VR. So now is a good time to look back over the LA studios’ varied game history.

Raw Data screenshot

Raw Data

Raw Data, is the game that essentially started it all. Full of relentless action gameplay, Raw Data combined physical melee combat with an arsenal of ranged weaponry. There was a basic narrative set in a future where the seemingly benevolent Eden Corporation makes all kinds of robot products. You’re an elite operative with SyndiK8, a resistance movement that’s learnt about Eden’s plans.

Originally a single-player, there was nothing quite like Raw Data’s thrilling energy. In subsequent updates, Survios expanded the gameplay, adding, among other things, co-op gameplay. That wall-to-wall action has now been surpassed but it showcases how Survios was willing to push the VR boundaries at the time.

Sprint Vector

The team continued to push those VR boundaries even further with Sprint Vector. In 2017-18 VR teams were still experimenting with locomotion mechanics beyond teleportation. With Sprint Vector, Survios created the Fluid Locomotion System, essentially swinging your arms to move forward. Not just that, you can use your entire body to run, jump, drift, zip, climb, fling, shoot, dodge, and fly.

A competitive multiplayer racing game, Sprint Vector challenged eight players to go head-to-head in this extreme sports competition. The locomotion system helped to alleviate motion sickness whilst the gameplay was a welcome change to all the wave shooters dominating VR in those years.


If music and innovation are your thing, then Survios’ Electronauts provided a musical symphony. Also released in 2018 – this was the studios’ golden era – Electronauts placed you in a fully interactive environment to remix songs with a multitude of tools.

Starting with one of over 80 base tracks from the likes of The Chainsmokers, Krewella, Tiesto, ZHU, Kygo, and Childish Gambino, you can grab, pull, twist and distort innovative tools to create your own unique song. It sounds good on paper. In reality, it’s a rhythmic, addictive experience that few VR music titles have barely come close to. Great for VR newcomers to learn about how immersive and interactive VR can be.

Electronauts screenshot

Creed: Rise to Glory

Time for Survios’ first major IP collaboration. Creed: Rise to Glory was released in 2018 – they were busy that year! – to coincide with the launch of Creed II. A boxing game that was part arcade and part simulator, you stepped into the shoes of Adonis Creed. Just like the movie, the game’s narrative was all about working up to become a boxing champion.

There was the main story mode, freeplay, mini-game-based training and online PvP. It was a fun, detailed fighter where you felt every punch. However, being an official movie tie-in Creed: Rise to Glory’s biggest draw was undoubtedly having Sylvester Stallone as Rocky Balboa. You could train with him or even jump into the ring as him. Great for all Rocky fans.

Westworld Awakening

In 2019 the Westworld TV series was in full swing, adapted from the 1976 movie of the same name. Naturally, a futuristic show needs a futuristic game and so Warner Bros. partnered with Survios on Westworld Awakening. Set during the events of Westworld Season 2, you play as Kate, a host within the Mesa facility who has attained self-awareness.

While it was a high-quality production it did pass many people by. Plus, its mix of survival horror and short gameplay time meant it wasn’t really viewed as a fully-fledged game.


Battlewake, on the other hand, was supposed to be Survios’ return to original IP glory. Unfortunately, this multiplayer pirate game didn’t quite live up to expectations, receiving a mixed response from critics and gamers alike. You get to play as one of four pirate lords – Diego the Dreaded, Rev the Relentless, Calavera the Undying, and Zhang the Magnificent – each with their own unique abilities.

Across solo, co-op and PvP game modes, Battlewake featured a decent enough gameplay loop against rival pirates and sea monsters. You could upgrade your ship’s arsenal with 13 different ship-based weapons, including flak cannons, ballistae, axe-throwers, chain cannons, mortars, and more. The concept was fun, but it quickly became repetitive, which then killed off the PvP.

The Walking Dead Onslaught

The Walking Dead Onslaught

Okay, let’s get through this one quickly. Without a doubt, The Walking Dead Onslaught was Survios’ biggest failure. The game wasn’t great from launch, with gamers quickly working out that the knife you pick up at the beginning was the best weapon. You could slay hundreds of zombies by grabbing their heads and sinking the blade in. But the holes in the gameplay – and overall direction – were exacerbated by its rival: The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners.

Release by Skydance Interactive at the beginning of 2020, Saints & Sinners collaborated with Robert Kirkman – the original creator of the comic books. Creating its own unique narrative set in New Orleans, Saints & Sinners set the standard for VR zombie games. Survios’ The Walking Dead Onslaught was affiliated with AMC’s TV show and featured official appearances from the cast. Alas, this was not enough to save it from an overwhelmingly critical response.

Puzzle Bobble VR: Vacation Odyssey

Rather bizarrely, Survios’ next game was a far more sedate affair. Collaborating with Taito, they brought the classic puzzle game Puzzle Bobble to Meta Quest in 2021. Puzzle Bobble VR: Vacation Odyssey saw the franchise evolve, adding 100 brand-new 3D puzzles with special bubbles and brain-teasing challenges.

With a bubble gun in hand, this was classic bubble-popping action.

Alien: Rogue Incursion

And so finally we have Alien: Rogue Incursion which Survios teased a couple of years ago. There’s still a lot we don’t know about the game. But we do know it’ll be a Meta Quest 3 exclusive, slated for release in late 2024.

What we’re desperately hoping for is that 2018 Survios magic rather than a repeat of Onslaught. Alien Isolation will be on everyone’s mind because we want heart-pounding terror rather than all-out action.

Are you a Survios fan? What’s your favourite from their VR library? Let us know in the comments below.