MudRunner VR Takes Meta Quest Off-Roading

If driving around the wilderness in powerful vehicles and occasionally getting stuck in the mud is your thing, then the MudRunner series is for you. Developed by Saber Interactive, the team has just announced MudRunner VR for Meta Quest.

MudRunner VR screenshot 3

What is MudRunner?

Sabre Interactive originally released MudRunner for consoles and PCs in 2017. Challenging players to navigate across extreme landscapes proved to be highly popular, spawning spinoffs including MudRunner Mobile (2020) and Expeditions: A MudRunner Game (2024).

The games give you access to various all-terrain vehicles, from standard 4x4s to huge trucks and military equipment. With a map and compass, you can free-roam MudRunner’s expansive environments, completing objectives and deliveries whilst enduring perilous conditions. And as the name suggests, mud, a lot of mud! Getting stuck is all part of the experience.

Mudrunner on Quest

MudRunner VR takes this realistic off-roader and gives it an immersive overhaul. Players will have access to eight unique, heavy-duty vehicles. Each with its own distinct attributes and equipment as well as cosmetic variations. Providing a Story Mode and a Free Play Mode, players can choose how to overcome muddy terrain, flowing rivers, and other obstacles. All of which react realistically to the weight and movement of the vehicle.

Furthermore, while long-time series fans will be familiar with the overall experience, the VR edition does have its own characteristics. New 3D models have been created for the trucks and environments. Additionally, players can interact with a variety of elements in the cab like the tablet, gear shifter, windshield wipers and more. Even stepping outside to attach the winch, refuel and more.

Launch Details

MudRunner VR is coming soon to Meta Quest 3, Meta Quest 2, and Meta Quest Pro. It is available to wishlist on the Quest Store now.

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