Twistex Update Spins Up a New Challenge

Middle Man Games has released a major game update for Twistex. Based on user feedback, the update makes it easier for new players to get involved, while adding new mechanics for the experienced VR player.

Twistex screenshot

What is Twistex?

Twistex is a puzzle game designed for VR, however the game can also be played on a traditional monitor. Falling blocks must be matched up in a classic gameplay not too dissimilar to the infamous Tetris. However, the game adds new concepts to the genre.

Rather than playing on a flat grid, you navigate shapes around a continuous, cylindrical grid. You must fill the spaces to clear rings rather than lines. To do this you need to rotate the ‘tower’ using a control system based on twisting and turning the VR controllers. You also have full control over the game area, allowing you to quickly view the tower from any angle.
Twistex includes 48 levels, and the puzzle-enthusiast will enjoy the games endless mode featuring three difficulties of play. As levels are completed and cleared, new towers are unlocked and the environment changes.

Today’s Twistex Update

The latest Twistex update brings a selection of new features from the PC edition to the Meta Quest version. What’s more, it also adds mixed reality (MR) into the game.

For newcomers, a shape guide has been added that visually shows you where the shape will land, and how far it must drop, making it much easier to place shapes where you want them. The new Practice Mode allows you to plan your strategy without any pressure. Other new additions inlcude:

  • Tweaks to the custom designs to improve their visibility in game.
  • An overhaul of the menu, making it easier to navigate.
  • Clearer messaging of modes and features.
  • Clearer information and demo of the game you are selecting.
  • Tips on the title screen to help new players.
  • Many other small tweaks and bug fixes.
  • Non VR: The next shape is now a separate display in non-VR mode, allowing the tower to be bigger on screen.

How Can I Play Twistex?

Twistex is available now via Steam, App Lab and Sidequest. As stated above, the game can also be played on a standard monitor using a controller, keyboard, or mouse. Of course, the VR version enriches the gameplay with a unique experience, with motion controls designed especially for VR.

Are you a fan of Twistex? Do you think this new update will encourage new players to give the game a go? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!