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Alta: Project 2 Newly Teased by A Township Tale Team

Alta: Project 2 teaser screenshot 1

If you’re looking for a great open-world VR game then you can’t go too far wrong with A Township Tale (2021). Created by Alta, the team has now begun to release details for its next game. So far, it’s teased two videos for Alta: Project 2.

What is Alta: Project 2?

Alta describes Project 2 as a dark fantasy VR game, and from the early footage shown so far seems like a dungeon crawler. There’s physics-based melee combat, brandishing swords and flaming torches against skeletal enemies. Players will have special abilities and there will also be different character classes by the looks of it.

One of the biggest early gameplay teases is the fact that it’ll offer co-op support. Very briefly shown at the end of the first trailer, it seems like you’ll be able to team up with a buddy to solve puzzles and conquer the dungeons.

A darker Township Tale?

From what’s been shown so far, Alta: Project 2 does have that feel of a darker A Township Tale. The RPG is a huge sprawling adventure that can support a group of friends who can become blacksmiths, miners, woodcutters, warriors or archers. Whilst building your town, you can explore dangerous environments to look for resources. Which includes cave systems for mini-dungeon crawling.

We hope that Alta: Project 2 refines some of those elements. Doubling down on the physical, object-based interactions, whilst adding magical elements and more. As it is such early days there’s a lot we don’t know.

Alta: Project 2 – Want to Know More?

At the moment there’s no indication as to which platforms the game will support – we can hazard a good guess though. What the team will be doing is releasing regular Devlog videos on YouTube and further details on the P2 Discord server.

Are you A Township Tale fan? Like the look of Project 2? Let us know your first impressions in the comments below.

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