VR Skater: SL Drops Onto Meta Quest Today

After years as a PCVR early access title, DEFICIT Games officially released VR Skater in February. While it also exists on PSVR 2, and PICO the only other major platform missing was Meta Quest. That day has finally arrived, with VR Skater: SL landing on Quest today.

VR Skater screenshot

VR Skater: SL on Quest

Developed by DEFICIT Games and published by Perp Games, VR Skater: SL aims to give players an authentic skating experience. Designed specifically for VR mechanics, it offers a mix between arcade and simulation. You’ll learn how to perform flip tricks, grab tricks, grinds and more – if you don’t know already – to become a virtual skating pro.

Listed as VR Skater for PCVR on Steam and PSVR 2, and VR Skater: SL on Pico and Quest, the editions are the same. So there are no additional Meta Quest features to speak of.

Become a certain “Hawk” in VR

Designed to give skating fans “the most authentic, challenging, and immersive skating game ever”, VR Skater: SL features innovative input mechanics to pull off the best tricks. Basically, your hands become your feet. So rather than executing a kickflip with your feet, your hands perform the same motion instead. Thus giving you accurate control of the board.

With seven urban environments to explore as well as a Mega Ramp, there’s plenty of variety to slide through. Whether you’re trying to master the perfect ollie, or the longest grind imaginable, VR Skater: SL is there to cater to that desire. A full tutorial will guide beginners through the basics to up those skill levels in no time!

Enjoying the Skate life

In addition to all the tricks and location exploration, you’ll be able to unlock XP, medals, and trophies, get on the leaderboards and step into the VR Skater shop. Here you can exchange your hard-earned XP for new grip tape, trucks, wheels and board artwork!

VR Skater: SL is out today for Meta Quest. Will you be picking it up on day one? Let us know in the comments below.