The VR Escapades of Rick and Morty Could be at an end

Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality was the second VR game from Owlchemy Labs. Following on from its hit title Job Simulator, the cartoon duo’s arrival in VR followed a similar gameplay mechanic. However, Rick and Morty could be leaving digital storefronts because of Warner Bros. Discovery.

If you’re a developer or studio who had a game published by Adult Swim Games then the news isn’t good. Warner Bros. Discovery is preparing to shut down Adult Swim Games, delisting all of its games, in turn. The company has been contacting studios like Team2Bit (Fist Puncher) that their games are going to be delisted and not transferred over to the developer.

Some have been told they can relist on platforms like Steam. However, they’d be starting from scratch, with no reviews, wishlists or any of the community that these games had previously built up.

Rick and Morty VR screenshot1

Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality

Currently, it’s not known if Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality will see the chopping block. Owlchemy Labs hasn’t released a statement. Originally launched back in 2017 for PSVR, PCVR headsets like HTC Vive and Meta’s PCVR store for Rift, it was a major IP to hit VR in those early days.

Mainly set in Rick’s garage, as a clone of Morty you could step through portals to strange worlds. And help Rick with his bizarre experiments. It was esigned as an introduction to VR with lots of interactive objects and teleportation. Clocking in at a couple of hours of gameplay, it’s starting to look a little dated now.

If studios do wish to re-release the games then Warner Bros. Discovery wants all Adult Swim Games references removed. Firstly, that means no mention of the ex-publisher in the listing. Secondly, it also needs to be removed from the credits. This could be a big job that many studios may not want to undertake. Especially for older games.

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