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Contractors Showdown VR Battle Royale Open Beta Weekends Are About to Begin

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We all love a good battle royale game but there aren’t many in VR – the most notable being Population: One. That’s going to change in 2024, with Caveman Studio set to release Contractors Showdown later this year. Set within the Contractors universe, the battle royale will be hosting a series of open beta weekends. The first of which starts tomorrow (1st March).

Like many multiplayer pre-launch tests the studio held a closed beta in February for early adopters. Opening up the game to more players, the open beta will be free to play for all Steam VR and Meta Quest owners. Running across three consecutive weekends, they will be 1st – 3rd, 8th – 10th, and 15th – 17th March. So there’s plenty of time to fit a game in or two.

As you can’t download the beta from either of the official stores, to participate you’ll need to join the Contractors Showdown Discord for relevant details.

Expanding the Contractors universe

As you’d expect from a battle royale game, Contractors Showdown takes place over a huge 16 square kilometres map. This provides a diverse set of landscapes and features to team up with friends or go rogue. Battles can consist of up to 45 people per match, with players able to choose whether they go it alone, double up or form a team of three.

“Navigate the high-stakes arena using an array of tactical props, including airstrikes and UAVs,” the developer notes. “These game-changing elements elevate the intensity, offering players the opportunity to unleash powerful tools and outsmart their opponents. Plan your moves, coordinate with your squad, and deploy these strategic assets to dominate the battlefield.”

Pistols, SMGs, Automatic Rifles, Sniper Rifles, Frag Grenades, Rad Grenades, Flashbangs, Smoke Grenades, and more are at your disposal. Then there’s the unique perk system where players can activate three types of perks in each match. Furthermore, the progression system allows players to earn resource points, unlock blueprints, fulfil unique contracts, and customize their experience with many cosmetics.

Once the open beta has concluded, Caveman Studio will release Contractors Showdown in Q2 2024.

Are you a Battle Royale fan? Will you be joining the open beta? Let us know in the comments below!

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