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First Stunning Into the Radius 2 Screenshots Arrive

Into The Radius 2 keyart

One of the best single-player survival adventures for VR headsets has to be CM Games’ Into the Radius. Earlier this year the studio announced a sequel was in the works, continuing the narrative. This week, CM launched the Steam page for Into the Radius 2, offering up some gorgeous-looking screenshots in the process.

The original Into the Radius on PCVR was certainly no visual slouch – a Meta Quest edition was also released. But from the early in-game visuals released so far, the sequel will give players an even tastier look inside the Pechorsk Security Zone. The sprawling, anomaly-filled forests look richer and more detailed with several taken during the day. While the singular night shot has a terrifying awe about it.

Into the Radius 2 screenshots

Into the Radius 2 will continue the narrative, where players explore and learn about the zone while looking for valuable resources. It’ll include all the critical features fans have become accustomed to such as the realistic weapons and attachments, loot-management system, and the freedom to explore the open-world environments. And, of course, the monstrous enemies lurking in the trees.

The biggest addition the second instalment will see is co-op. CM Games has confirmed that they’re working on a four-player co-op feature. That’ll enable players to assemble a crack team of explorers, or just head into the zone solo like before. Co-op will be available from an early stage: “We’re venturing into new territory with multiplayer development, so we’re convinced that involving players as early as possible will be essential to making Into the Radius 2 the best game it can be,” the studio notes.

Into the Radius 2 is currently slated to arrive as a Steam Early Access game in 2025. As more details arise, XR Source will keep you updated.

Did you play the original? Looking forward to the sequel? Let us know your impressions in the comments.

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