Pavlov Shack Meta Quest Debuts 3 New Maps

Vankrupt Games recently brought Pavlov Shack from App Lab to the Meta Quest Store. That’s good news in itself. However, what wasn’t revealed ahead of this transition was the fact that the new release would be accompanied by three brand new maps.

Pavlov Shack is a realistic and tactical FPS game. The stats hit pretty hard on this one, with over 65 fully interactable weapons and limitless game modes supported by an extensive modding community. To date, the game has over 300 maps currently available. However, now Pavlov Shack has been updated to Modkit 3.0. This brings new tools that allow multiple mods to stack within servers and allow modders to build out various maps within the same modpack. According to Vankrupt Games, this will provide faster iteration of existing mods, and make game modes separate entities from the maps they support. 

Pavlov has been the pioneer in community-driven FPS gameplay, and we will continue to develop with the community in mind,” said Dave Villz, Owner of Vankrupt Games. “We are looking forward to seeing what the community creates within this new version of Pavlov.”

Pavlov Shack screenshot

Pavlov Shack Meta Quest Store – New Maps

As stated above, the game already benefits from a stock of over 300 maps already available. However, Pavlov Shack launched on the Meta Quest Store with 3 new maps:

  • Harbor: A new map set in a small coastal Swedish town. Here, local fishermen and small cargo couriers used to inhabit before the insurgency started. This map is best played on Search and Destroy, Team DeathMatch, and King of the Hill.
  • Pinehill: A new map set on a Canadian logging company’s compound serving as a forward base of operations for NATO. The map was designed specifically for Search and Destroy. However, Pinehill is also complimentary with The Hide, Infection, Gun Game and One in the Chamber. 
  • Container Yard: A beloved map returns, taking place in a shipping container lot in storage and transfer station based in Kentucky. Play Container Yard with TTT, The Hide, Infection, as well as Deathmatch.

Pavlov Shack is the Meta Quest version of the popular PC and PSVR 2 shooter Pavlov. Initially released in 2017, Pavlov began as a military shooter. Over the years, it’s evolved into one of the most fully featured FPS games in VR. Players can access weapons and vehicles from both the modern day and WWII, fight zombies and superpowered predators, and play hide-and-seek, all in the same game.

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