Hellsweeper VR Seeks Players to Test its Extended Co-op Experience

Mixed Realms’ Hellsweeper VR launched in September to fairly positive, but mixed reviews. Since then the studio has released updates to improve the experience, the most recent being v1.2 this week. Additionally, the developer is also to expand the co-op experience on Hellsweeper VR by enlisting beta testers.

Hellsweeper VR featured co-op gameplay from the outset but it was rather muted. You could only play the first act with a buddy, rather than the three-act campaign. The beta test aims to remedy this partially. “This Beta is centred around testing multiplayer stability and expanding the game from 1 act to 2 acts,” Mixed Realms explains. “Our eventual goal is to get to 3 acts to match the single-player experience.”

If you want to take part in the beta test you’ll need to own a copy of the game on either Meta Quest or Steam – the PSVR 2 edition isn’t included. The beta is already live and runs until 26th November.

How to access the beta

  • Steam
    • Right-click Hellsweeper VR in your library.
    • Select Properties > Beta
    • In the dropdown menu, select (Beta) Extended Co-Op
    • Return to the Live Build by heading back to the dropdown menu and select ‘None’.
  • Quest Store
    • In either your Oculus App or Web Store Page, select Hellsweeper VR.
    • Select Additional Details > Change Version > Select Channel: (Beta) Extended Co-Op
    • Return to the Live Build by heading back to the dropdown menu and selecting ‘Live’.
Hellsweeper VR screenshot 2

Hellsweeper VR v1.2

As for the new update, v1.2 adds QoL, balance tweaks, and progression improvements. Here’s the full changelog if you want to dive in, but here are the highlights.

  • Added Gore option in multiplayer
  • Added option to end Bullet Time when a dash, jump, or somersault is performed
  • Added a cancel button when waiting for a connection from the MP server
  • Added a page for Augments to show the progression for skills
  • Players can now fan the pistol while their other hand is occupied
  • The enemy health bar will change color to reflect its status, indicating whether it is invulnerable, blocking, or has shields
  • Updated somersault, somersaulting will provide better angles for easier attacking
  • Decreased the amount of souls required to rank up a skill
  • Explosive Death has been changed to enemies to drop a bomb upon death
  • Challenger’s Token has been added as part of the Shop. Challenger’s Token grants the bearer another life during a run

Have you been enjoying Hellsweeper VR, or has the game not lived up to your expectations? Let us know in the comments.