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Virtuix Omni One Pre-orders Open for $2,600

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Gaming in general isn’t exactly a cheap hobby, especially when you consider the accessories available. The same goes for VR, headsets aren’t cheaper and if you want to take it further you’ll have to dig deep. Virtuix has been in the omnidirectional treadmill space for a while now, mainly in the location-based entertainment (LBE) sector. Soon though, you’ll be able to put one of its devices in your own home. Because Virtuix Omni One pre-orders have now gone live.

To get to this point, previously the Virtuix Omni One was only available to early investors, with the first units going out earlier this year. Now the company has opened up orders on a wider scale if you have the $2,595 USD (plus shipping) available. You don’t need it all upfront, however.

Pre-orders only require a $200 deposit to secure your order and there’s even a monthly payment option available for $70 per month. Plus, if you pre-order before 16th November you’ll get a free game and the exclusive “Trailblazer Edition”. One slight caveat though, shipping is only available for those within the United States.

Get those running shoes on

For that $2,600 you don’t simply get the Virtuix Omni One, there’s a whole load of other goodies included. You also get a Pico Neo 3 and controllers, a pair of overshoes, a pair of foot trackers and various cleaning essentials to keep your Omni One in top condition.

While often described as omnidirectional treadmills, they are, in fact, parabolic walking devices. The smooth surface of the dish combined with the low friction overshoes means players can walk and run with a natural gait. Thus minimising or even removing motion sickness in VR.

If you a seriously into VR but do suffer from nausea, then a device like the Omni One could very well help. Or there are rivals like the cheaper Kat Walk V2 Core to consider.

Virtuix Omni One pre-orders are now open with a delivery date slated for Q2 2024.

Will you be picking one up? Let us know in the comments below.

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