Galaxy Kart Races onto Steam

Alongside a series of WarioWareinspired games, it’s only fitting that Mario Kart should provide inspiration for VR developers. And that’s exactly what’s happened with VRMonkey, and the popular Galaxy Kart. After a successful PSVR 2 debut, Galaxy Kart has now made its way to PCVR, compatible with all SteamVR headsets.

Now any PCVR gamer can get one step closer to experiencing Mario Kart in VR (but not the actual Mario Kart VR, which is still an LBEVR-only title). Galaxy Kart is a VR kart racing game designed with the utmost care to prevent simulation sickness. Players can challenge other racers in single-player or multiplayer matches. As they do so, they can choose from one of the many ‘hero drivers’. Each of which has unique skills that will obliterate any rivals in your way.

Galaxy Kart screenshot

VRMonkey on Galaxy Kart

Developer VRMonkey state that Galaxy Kart has been designed for ‘maximum intuitive and comfortable gameplay’. This applies even in the most frenetic situations. Players can just put on their headsets and enjoy the amusement of being a hero driver with ease. Just hit ‘Play’find your favourite character, kart and track, select the difficulty you want, grab the steering wheel and race to win.

‘’A really intriguing and engaging experience for anyone who like games of this type.’’ States ★Shut Up And Take MY Money★, a Steam curator. ‘’The gameplay concepts are performed admirably.‘’

The game has now launched on Steam, with a free demo version also available. According to VRMonkey, the community has shown a lot of support and interest in the game since its release on PlayStation Store. As such, the team is really positive about the future of the PCVR edition. What updates are coming down the line however, are not yet known.

Does Galaxy Kart have what it takes to rival Mario Kart itself? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!