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Resident Evil 4 VR Mode Debuts at Tokyo Game Show 2023

Resident Evil 4 Remake VR Mode Header

The Tokyo Game Show (TGS) 2023 takes place once again in September. Capcom has just announced its lineup of titles which includes the upcoming augmented reality (AR) game Monster Hunter Now. For VR fans there’s one game to get really excited about, the Resident Evil 4 VR Mode previously teased during the PlayStation Showcase.

One of the most eagerly awaited PlayStation VR 2 titles, the Resident Evil 4 VR Mode will allow you to play the entire campaign in VR. Just like the VR mode in Resident Evil Village did. The Resident Evil 4 Remake was released early this year, receiving worldwide acclaim in the process. It completely overhauled the graphics and gameplay mechanics, updating the almost 20-year-old to modern standards.

VR Mode Debut

Resident Evil 4 VR Mode‘s appearance at TGS 2023 will mark its first public outing, giving attendees a chance to test out the new VR controls. In a similar vein to Armature Studio’s Resident Evil 4 port on Meta Quest 2, Capcom’s upcoming VR mode on PSVR 2 will be first-person. That’ll ensure the scares are more intense and the action even more visceral.

Other details released so far include the fact that you’ll be able to physically wield Leon’s knife, using it to block attacks. You can also use the knife in conjunction with the pistol for a dual-wielding combo.

Capcom has confirmed the VR Mode will be released as free DLC. There’s no indication just yet regarding how much of the VR mode TGS attendees will be able to play.

The Tokyo Game Show 2023 runs from 21st-24th September in Chiba, Japan. It’ll also include its TGS VR programme featuring an online expo for people to attend worldwide. Further as expected soon.

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