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The Best VR Deals (July 2023)

Best VR Deals July - Pico

The summer is most definitely here, so it’s time to take advantage of the bbq weather. That’s when it’s not raining here in the UK, of course! In those moments its time to check out what summer savings can be had. And that’s why XR Source is here to find all the best VR deals in July.


Meta Quest 2

With the recent Meta Quest 2 price drop in June, there are no current deals to be had at the moment. The Meta Quest 2 128GB model is now $299.99 USD (£299.99 GBP). While the 256GB option is now $349.99 (£349.99). Dropping them from $399.99 and $429.99 respectively.

The only “deal” to be found is that some outlets like Amazon UK and Curry’s have the 128GB model at £299, saving a whole £0.99 off the standard price.

Remember that Quest 3 will arrive this Autumn for $499 (£499), making it tempting to hold off for a few months.

Meta Quest Pro

As for Meta’s flagship headset, no change with the Quest Pro still $999.00 (£999.99)

PlayStation VR 2

PSVR 2 Accessories


No new deal. VIVE XR Elite is available to buy for $1,099.00 (£1,299.00). There’s a five-free games deal where you can get Green Hell VR, Les Mills Bodycombat, Unplugged: Air Guitar, Figmin XR and Glimpse. Just make sure you activate the codes before 30th September 2023.


Looking for an alternative to Meta Quest 2 then try PICO 4.


Meta Quest 2

PlayStation VR 1 & 2


Were these the best VR deals in July? Did we miss many? Let us know in the comments below.

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