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37 Official PlayStation VR 2 Launch Games Confirmed 

Official PlayStation VR 2 Launch Games

With just over four weeks until Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) releases its new VR headset into the world, several PlayStation VR 2 launch games have been revealed. SIE has confirmed 13 new titles that’ll be available with the launch window, bringing the total number to 37. 

Some, such as Gran Turismo 7 were previously mentioned, with the simulator getting a VR update. Others are brand new, or at least were known to be in development. These included the realistic Kayak VR: Mirage, emotional adventure Before Your Eyes, and multiplayer shooter Pavlov VR.  

Below you’ll find all the PlayStation VR 2 launch games currently arriving within the first-month window. The latest additions to the list are highlighted in bold.  

All the Launch Window Titles 

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