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VR Skater Kickflips onto PSVR 2

VR Skater keyart

DEFICIT Games’ VR Skater has received a great response to it’s Early Access version on Steam. And now, Perp Games has brought the game to PSVR 2. From today, players can experience the mechanics of virtual skateboarding with controls designed for VR motion controllers.

VR Skater is – you guessed it – a VR skateboarding game. It’s billed as a ‘finely tuned mix between arcade and simulation’. DEFICIT Games have made great effort to ensure the game is easy to learn, but hard to master. Players can skate through a wide variety of urban environments. Shred through the streets, take on challenges or chase high scores with complex trick combinations.

The game launched via Steam Early Access back in April 2021. DEFICIT Games had ambitions to release the full version of the game in 2022. However, that time has since passed and VR Skater is still in Early Access. It’s compatible with most PC VR headsets, however comes with a warning for VIVE Cosmos and Windows Mixed Reality Gen 1.

VR Skater on PSVR 2

The game features numerous modes and options to help players learn the basics. A specially designed level allows you to learn without consequence and a ‘Skateboard Academy’ will teach you all the available trick mechanics. There is a challenge with every lesson. Moving on, there are four fully designed and fully skatable maps, in addition to two Tutorial maps. Practice mode, Run mode and the fear-inducing Sudden Death Mode are also featured in the game.

The PSVR 2 edition of VR Skater, launching today, does not feature any pre-release notes. It’s currently not clear whether this new release features the same content as the Steam edition, or is a more complete experience.

Are you planning on getting VR Skater for PSVR 2 today? Have you played the original PC version? Let us know in the comments below!

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